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Bessa & Associates, Inc. is a woman-owned, small business providing workplace health and safety services for over 20 years. Sharon Bessa, founder and president, is a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Sharon Bessa


Over 30 years in the fields of health care and industrial hygiene including:

  • 3 years as staff nurse in various health care units including trauma unit
  • 2 years as a nurse/counselor in an alcohol/drug treatment program
  • 2 years as Occupational Health Nurse for a furniture manufacturer with 1000 employees
  • 3 years as Safety and Health Manager of a chemical plant with 500 employees
  • 7 years as an Industrial Hygienist with Wisconsin OSHA Consultation Program
  • Over 20 years as private consultant and President of Bessa & Associates, Inc. providing assistance in the recognition and control of workplace hazards on a nationwide basis

Experience Relevant to Health Care Industry

Conducted numerous industrial hygiene surveys in health care facilities as an OSHA consultant during a Special Emphasis Program to monitor nitrous oxide and other waste anesthetic gases and ethylene oxide (EtO). Assisted hospitals in developing comprehensive EtO programs for OSHA compliance.

Conducted industrial hygiene surveys for glutaraldehyde, latex proteins, xylene and formalin in hospitals and clinics.

Performs respirator fit testing and Train-the-Fit-Tester Workshops.

Developed and presented seminars for “Respiratory Protection in the Health Care Industry.”

Currently serves as Industrial Hygiene/Safety advisor for the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative.

Assists in developing Infection Control Risk Assessments and Environmental Monitoring programs during construction of healthcare facilities.

Conducts workshop: “Particle Counts and IAQ During Construction.”

Provides assistance for compliance with USP 797.

Registered Nurse and Certified Occupational Health Nurse.

Industrial Hygiene/Safety Experience

Worked as Employee Health Manager for a chemical plant with 500 employees. Cut OSHA Recordable chemical injuries in half in one year through implementing an onsite employee health program.

Worked as an Industrial Hygienist with the Wisconsin OSHA Consultation Program for seven years. Assisted over 300 companies with industrial hygiene evaluations and control programs ranging from comprehensive surveys to assistance with specific employee exposure issues.

As part of a special emphasis program, conducted numerous surveys in plastic processing plants with a variety of polymers and operations including injection molding, extruding, thermoforming and blow molding. Surveys were conducted to characterize air contaminants off-gassing from processing various polymers.

As a private consultant has conducted chemical exposure and noise monitoring in numerous types of manufacturing operations including printing, welding, spray painting, woodworking, isocyanate foaming, electroplating, powder coating, foundries, chemical processing, paper making and coating, and machine tooling.

Areas of expertise include: Exposure Assessment Strategies including Control Banding (an alternative to air sampling), Asthma and Dermatitis Investigations, Confined Space Program Audits, Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessments, and Respiratory Protection Programs including fit testing, training and chemical cartridge change-out schedules.

Biosafety Experience

Conducted workplace audits, environmental monitoring, personal protective equipment assessments and staff training for biotechnology laboratories, production facilities, clinical laboratories, food processing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers of potent compounds, educational facilities and animal labs.

Serves as a member of the Biosafety Committee in a production facility involved in vaccine development.

Developed programs and conducted staff training in numerous facilities for compliance with the National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA and the Centers for Disease Control Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories.

Conducted two investigations for Legionella sp. exposures (one suspected, one confirmed) in a manufacturing facility and a retail establishment.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Experience

Conducted indoor air quality evaluations during and after construction projects as well as numerous types of occupied buildings.

Served as the air quality consultant during a five year renovation project in a major office complex (>1000 employees).

Developed and presented the EPA’s “Tools for Schools” program on IAQ for schools in Wisconsin.

Presented a Professional Development Course on psychosocial factors in IAQ at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference for seven years and at other locations around the country. This PDC ranked in the top three of more than 200 PDCs.

Conducted 8 hour Indoor Air Quality segment of Building Operator’s Certification (BOC 106) Program for the Energy Center and Focus on Energy.

Attended Technical Review Workshop on Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

Conducted mold evaluations in commercial, residential, healthcare, schools, daycare and construction sites. (Enter "Sharon Bessa" in any Google Search Engine to find more information)

Training Experience

Adjunct Instructor Lakeshore Technical College – Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene On-line Course since 2003.

Instructor for industrial hygiene classes at Department of Labor- OSHA Training Institute and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Madison campuses.

Developed and presented numerous training courses for clients.

Numerous public speaking engagements.


Conducted “Back Safety “ training program for large Wisconsin utility company
with 10 locations.

Conducted training programs for prevention of back and upper extremity problems for all Wisconsin Historical site personnel.

Performed a comprehensive Ergonomic Program for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with an audit and analysis of all ergonomic injuries, job assessments and training.

Conducted an assessment of laboratory ergonomic hazards in a biotechnology facility and developed customized training for self-audit techniques.

Conducted audits and ergonomic training programs in numerous office environments.

Developed an Ergonomic Self-Audit form for office workstations.


Diploma in nursing, Milwaukee County General Hospital School of Nursing 1970
Bachelor of Science, Nursing (Public Health), University of Wisconsin, Madison 1984


Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) 1990
Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN) 1985


Resolution of Indoor Air Quality Problems: The Human Side in Proceedings from the 1998 August 24 - 28 NASA Occupational Health Conference Benchmarking for Excellence, Orlando, FL, National Aeronautical and Space Administration, April 1999.


Bessa, SJ and Light, E. Assessment and Resolution of Building Hypersensitivity Claims for the American Chemical Society Symposium on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, 1998 and at the International Indoor Air Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1998.

Case studies presented at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference:

  • 1985. Bessa, SJ. Body Cyanide Levels in Plating Workers
  • 1989. Bessa, SJ, Johnson, LD, Kessel, R, Moen, TE. Occupational Health Issues Raised By Surveys of Rehabilitation Facilities in Wisconsin.
  • 1997. Bessa, SJ. Using Stage Recognition as a Tool for Evaluating and Controlling Psychosocial Factors in an Indoor Air Quality Investigation.
  • 1998. Bessa, SJ. A Unique Tool for Source Identification in Indoor Air Quality Evaluations.
  • 2006. Bessa Morey, SJ et.al. Round Table #205 Mold Components Impact on Health: Spores, MVOCs and Mycotoxins and IAQ- The Human Factor.


American Industrial Hygiene Association
Wisconsin Local Section, American Industrial Hygiene Association:
1994–1996 Board of Directors, 2002–2003 President

International Facility Managers Association

National Safety Council

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
Wisconsin State Association of Occupational Health Nurses: 2006 Director
South Central Wisconsin Association of Occupational Health Nurses: 1983 Founder, 1983-1985 Vice President, 2008-2011 Director, 2011 Vice President

Sharon J. Bessa & Associates, Inc. carries commercial and professional liability insurance.


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