Services for Healthcare Facilities

Anesthetic Waste Gas Exposure Monitoring

  • operating roomOperating Suites
  • Birth Centers
  • Surgery Centers
  • Post Anesthesia Care Units

OSHA enforces a 2.0 part per million exposure limit for halogenated anesthetics based on a one hour sample. This can be exceeded with one drop of an anesthetic agent during vaporizer filling. Badges can underestimate exposure. We perform two types of exposure monitoring: breathing zone samples with a sorbent tube and direct reading samples to identify peak exposures using a Miran Infrared Spectrophotometer. The Miran can detect leaks and work practices that result in higher exposures.

Glutaraldehyde Monitoring

Glutaraldehyde cold sterilization is used less than in the past but remains in use or has returned to use for some types of endoscopes. Exposure monitoring can be done with badges but there is greater accuracy with treated filters. Monitoring should be performed during disposal of used solutions, during preparation of new solutions and during rinsing and removal of sterilized items.

Infection Control Risk Assessment and Indoor Air Quality During Construction

Infection control risks and indoor air quality complaints during construction can be avoided or minimized with advanced planning and routine surveillance and monitoring. Experience has taught us the value of using particle counts to document external and internal conditions. We can help you:

  • Develop the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) for small internal projects or large exterior construction or demolition
  • Train Infection Control Practitioners, Employee Health, Construction Project Managers, Physical Plant Engineers and Contractors in effective measures for particulate control using a three-pronged approach:
    1. Control at the source
    2. Control at the pathway
    3. Control within the occupied building
  • Implement measures to reduce employee concerns from odors and nuisance particulates.

Additional Healthcare Services include:

  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Fit Testing
  • Train-the-Fit-Tester
  • Laboratory Services
  • Chemical Exposure Monitoring
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Ergonomic Audits and Training


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